Saturday, April 11, 2015

Salon Vim: My First Digital Perm


Hello! Today I'm delighted to share about something new I did to my hair at Salon Vim!

My previous visit was in December last year... and I finally found the time to head down again after 3 months!


My hair is the most frustrating of all when I take pictures for adverts - this I simply cannot emphasize enough. I love my natural waves, but I hate it when they don't fall nicely!

I walked into Salon Vim with only trim and treatment in mind, but my new stylist, Joyce, had other plans! Despite the fact that it was my first time meeting her, she was very friendly and easy to chat with, which made me feel comfortable in her hands.

First, she softened and straightened the upper portion of my hair so it wouldn't curl in the wrong places.

This was after straightening.

How do I look with straight hair?? :D

Neutralizer then applied to "lock" the hair in place.

My snack because I was really hungry!!

Next comes the exciting part: digital perm!!!

It is apparent that I have never been adventurous with my hair. It has stayed this way for years - black, naturally wavy, beyond shoulder length. I have never dyed, permed, straightened, or done anything to my hair other than cut and treat. So perming my hair this time is quite a big step for me!

Partly excited, partly nervous, partly apprehensive to be honest! What if the curls don't turn out nice?? What if I look like a poodle? What if I have maggie mee hair?! :O

When it was about done, neutralizer was applied again. I think the bowl they put around the neck is a really smart invention!

After perming, I was given the Kerafusion treatment.

Joyce mainly wanted to strengthen my hair as it is quite fine - although I look like a have a lot of hair haha. At the same time, she also wanted to add some shine and bounce to my new curls.

I used to be quite scared of this because it does look like your hair's gonna catch fire... right?


Now this was just before I left my house for Salon Vim:
Messy. And crazy.

This was the day after:
Yay to pretty curls and healthier hair! :D My 4-hour stay at the salon was definitely worthwhile hahaha.

They have loosened just a little right now because I don't really make an effort to ensure that they curl nicely after drying..... I just keep combing through them which I don't think is correct but I do love it even more like that!!

If you're interested in the services at Salon Vim, do quote my name and you will get 15% off your first visit! ;)

By the way, Salon Vim is now seeking the next Face of Salon Vim!

Salom Vim
Can I just highlight that the Face of Salon Vim will win a grand prize of 6 months hair sponsorship worth $5000?!

No harm trying! ;)

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