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Automatic Beauty (AB): My Big Eyes Dream


What's the most important facial feature to you?

To me, it's the eyes. You can have the rest of your face all made up, but if your eyes are not well taken care of, you will most probably still look tired, dull, or older than you really are.

Sometimes I secretly adore the puffy eyes that I get from crying the previous night... It's the perfect canvas because even with eyeliner and eyeshadow, my eyelids are still visible since they are thicker, higher, and more pronounced! Ok I realize how detrimental this sounds but don't worry, I'm not even that sad!

Here's a recent photo of me that I have posted before:
If you're wondering, I was trying to adjust my eyelids!

Let me explain...

I am blessed with double eyelids, and on good days they look like this:

On other days, though, they can be quite crazy:
Multiple eyelids and hooded double eyelids all at the same time. :O It really is quite annoying because every time I try to "correct" it like I did in the first picture, it goes away after a mere blink.

Do you have the same erratic eyelids as I do? Perhaps you're tired of your mono lids that make your eyes look small. Haven't found a solution to those saggy eyelids that make your eyes look droopy and sleepy? Wanna enhance your thin/hooded double eyelids and open up them peepers?

It's time you get hooked on Automatic Beauty (AB)!

Mr.Kevin & Kumiko

  • 6 products that cater to 3 different kind of eyelids (single eyelids / thin double eyelids / deep folded eyelids) - suitable for anyone!
  • Fuss-free, natural-looking, affordable.
  • No need for surgery. Don't fancy the result? Redo and adjust it according to your own preference!
  • No crying involved...
  • Prolonged usage of double eyelid products is also said to lead to the formation of natural double eyelids! Even Michelle Phan said so in one of her videos. ;)

Being extremely long-lasting, user-friendly, and discreet, it should be no surprise that AB has already converted 9 out of 10 double eyelid accessories users in both Japan and Taiwan! It is a wildly popular brand among many beauty gurus and celebrity makeup artists - with Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist Kevin 老师 and Popteen Celebrity Model Kumiko Funayama as the ambassadors. Be a convert too, because it has finally reached our shores!

The Event: AB's Official Launch

I was invited to Sasa (Wisma) recently for AB's official launch event, graced by Kevin 老师, one of Taiwan's most reputable celebrity makeup artists. Even my mum knows him! I remember watching him many many years back on 女人我最大 (Lady First) - Taiwan's most popular and longest-running variety show on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. The show is running its 2nd season here in Singapore by the way.

The products that I will be introducing later!

Even though I no longer watch the show, meeting Kevin 老师 in person was still a little star-struck moment for me. Prior to this, I didn't have any experience with double eyelid accessories. I honestly felt quite lost when I received the products because How am I supposed to write a post on these things?? I don't even know how to use them! The event was thus particularly useful and eye-opening (pun intended) for an amateur like me! Will be sharing tips that he highlighted in the tutorial below! ;)

Kevin 老师 demonstrating how to use the AB Mezical Fiber 2. It was hard not to enjoy the session with his sense of humour!

Look how the model's eye was transformed! From mono lid to a very visible double eyelid!

With Kevin 老师.

Group shot (3)
With the other bloggers and the AB team!

The Products

As mentioned previously, there are 6 double eyelid products that cater to the different types of eyelids!

1. AB Mezical Fiber 2

THIS, is the improved version of the bestselling double eyelid product in Japan. AB Mezical Fiber 2 is well-known for its unique technology that ensures its thin-as-thread 0.4mm (what?!) fiber remain adhesive throughout the day. Even stubborn heavy lids will look naturally creased and lifted!

Comes with 60 strips + 1 shaping stick.

The very first step is to create your desired crease line using the tip of the shaping stick. This step is essential because it tells you exactly where to place the double eyelid product. It may look as though I'm carving my eyeball out, but rest assured that it doesn't hurt at all! Be mindful not to exert too much pressure, of course.

TIP Always make sure that your eyelid is clean and free of any power/foundation/oil/residue before using any product to maximise its adhesiveness. Any makeup should go on after.


  1. Hold the black end of the strip with one hand, and peel the orange strips away with the other.
  2. Holding both black ends of the fiber, press down firmly across the desired crease line. Try not to touch the fiber itself too much, because you want it to be as sticky as possible.
  3. Using a small scissors with rounded tips (you can get it at Sasa), cut the excess along the dotted lines.

    ✮ TIP Always better to cut it horizontally! If you cut it perpendicular to the fiber, it may cause some discomfort to the corners of your lid.
  4. To finish, press the lids above and below the crease towards each other so they adhere better.

If you do it correctly, the fiber should not be visible when you look down.

Yay! Double eye lid enhanced! Of all the 6 products, I must say that this is the one that requires the most effort if you're a newbie. It's easy-breezy once you get the hang of it! It's perfectly normal to waste a few strips initially - I succeeded on my third one.

Retail Price: $28.90

2. AB Double Eye Liquid

AB Double Eye Liquid is a quick-drying, safe, easy to use glue which promises strong adhesion without leaving any residue. Suitable even for beginners like me, and allows makeup to be applied directly over it.

Comes with shaping stick.


  1. Create desired crease line with the shaping stick provided. (refer to gif above)
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue on the desired crease line.
  3. Look down and let it dry. The instruction says 2-3 minutes, but I find that it requires only a minute or less.
  4. Keep looking down. When the glue gets tacky, gently apply pressure along the desired creased like with the shaping stick. Hold it in place while slowly opening your eyes.
  5. Adjust accordingly, and press the lids above and below the crease towards each other for better adhesion.
  6. Ta-dah!

Amazing how a simple glue can give you your desired double eye lid, isn't it?

Retail Price: $19.90

3. AB Single Eye Tape

AB Single Eye Tape is a translucent, matte tape which gives you long-lasting crease line while being inconspicuous. It allows you to readjust the tape with no fear of wastage, thanks to its superb adhesion. Single Eye Tape is named as such because it is a single-sided tape like the usual ones in the market. It doesn't mean that it's catered especially to people with mono lids - it also works on those with double eyelids like me!

Comes with 80 strips + 1 shaping stick.


  1. Create desired crease line with the shaping stick provided. (refer to gif above)
  2. Remove tape from the sheet using the shaping stick. A tweezer is fine too.
  3. Place tape directly under (not on) the desired crease line, and gently apply pressure with your fingers.
  4. Done! You can hardly see it!

AB Single Eye Tape is my favourite out of the lot. Effortless, quick, natural, and long lasting. Love how my eyelids look! Also like that it's matte. Some tapes do not have a matte finish, and therefore reflect light and attract attention when you blink - which is a big no-no since you want those tapes to be unnoticeable.

Very pleased so I took a selfie with it!

Retail Price: $19.90

4. AB Natural Eye Tape

Soft, comfortable, and ideal for use with makeup, AB Natural Eye Tape is an easy peel-and-stick fabric tape that gives you perfectly natural-looking double eyelids with his natural beige colour.

Comes with 80 strips + 1 shaping stick.

Steps are the same as AB Single Eye Tape mentioned previously. This product is not invisible enough on its own, and is certainly better suited if you plan to put on eyeshadow. While all the eyelid accessories mentioned in this post are suitable under makeup, I find that the fabric nature of this Natural Eye Tape will help conceal itself best with makeup, and helps you achieve your desired eyelids with ease!

Again, higher lids achieved!

Retail Price: $19.90

5. AB Double Eye Tape

AB Double Eye Tape is a pre-slit clear film which allows easy application without having to touch any sticky side of the tape. As with Single Eye Tape, the name Double Eye Tape implies that it is a double-sided tape, and does not suggest that it's only meant for people with double eyelids. 

Comes with 100 strips + 1 shaping stick.

You can see the pre-cut film from here. If you can't spot it, the cut is the diagonal line in the middle of the film.


  1. Create desired crease line with the shaping stick provided. (refer to gif above)
  2. Remove tape from sheet with a tweezer, and apply under desired crease.
  3. Pinch eyelid gently to allow the film to split along the pre-cut line. Remove clear film.
  4. Apply pressure along the crease, and slowly open eye. Adjust accordingly.
  5. As with all double-sided tapes, press the top and bottom of the crease towards each other for better adhesion.
  6. End! Clear film should be hidden in the crease when you look down.

Natural-looking double eyelids! It may, however, take a while to pinch and tear the pre-cut edge when trying to remove the film because our eyelids are so soft! Please remember to clean your lid before pasting the tape! If your eyelid is oily, the entire tape will come off when you try to pinch it.

 TIP For starters, paste tape on the back of your hand for practice. Saves you from pinching your eyelids too many times on the first try.

Retail Price: $23.90

6. AB Eyelash Wick

For those with stubborn heavy lids or undefined creases when falsies are attached, AB Eyelash Wick is for you. With adjustable thickness and length, it defines and creates high impact double eyelids when attached to false lashes. Suitable for all falsies.

Contains 24 strips.

  1. Adjust length and width of eyelash wick if needed, and stick it to the false lashes with eyelash glue.

    ✮ TIP Bend and flex wick to form a gentle curve for smoother fit with the base of the false lashes.
    (I didn't that's why my false lashes look so straight.)

  2. Apply glue again on the eyelash wick, and use it just like any other falsies.
 TIP Trim both ends of the wick at an angle along the dotted line to prevent discomfort. 
 TIP Wait for glue to be tacky before placing it on your lash line. Falsies won't stick if the
glue is still wet!

 TIP Look down at a tilt mirror when you apply your falsies to make your life easier. Same goes for mascara application.

Rejoice!!! This is it - the first time I have ever succeeded in putting on falsies. Not bad right? ;) The other times were disastrous without this product. Besides defining my double eyelids, I guess the Eyelash Wick also increases the area of contact which makes it easier for me to place the falsies. I added some liquid black liner to finish the look as well as to hide any mistakes.

Another thing I did which probably helped in my successful attempt was to apply mascara on my real lashes first, so that they would curl and blend well with the falsies. You probably don't need this step if you have an eyelash curler - which I don't.

 TIP Don't apply mascara on falsies if you plan to reuse them.

Retail Price: $16.90


Natural-looking, easy to use, adhesive yet gentle on skin, residue-free, affordable, non-intrusive, comfortable, long-lasting... all checked! Don't just believe me - try them out yourself and find out why they are so popular!

Here's something for you! From 23 June to 27 July, stand a chance to be one of the three lucky winners to bag home:
  1. A full range of AB products
  2. $150 cash
  3. An autographed poster of Kevin 老师 
The prizes are worth over $280! Kevin 老师 is the judge, of course. All you have to do is follow @ABsingapore on Instagram, and follow the steps below:

AB contest poster

You can also download it here (click for enlarged version):
AB contest template

Here's my before and after!
Results will be released on 30 July!

If you're interested for more updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Go fulfil your Big Eyes Dream with AB!
*AB Double Eyelid Accessories are available exclusively at Sasa stores.


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Oh, my God you look amazing. I have used tape for several years - now I an 23 years old. ( lol not too young and not too old) However, my mom booked me an appointment for consultation for double eyelid surgery in Singapore. Unfortunately I can`t take decisions very easy.... hesitating is in my blood. Probably I am going to do it but I totally will miss this tape. Do you apply some eye cream when you remove it? Greetings!