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HKCplaza: LeeJiHam Cosmetics / Advert: Julia and Jean

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Last week, HKCplaza sent me two products from LeeJiHam (LJH) Cosmetics. Like me, you may not have heard of LJH Cosmetics, but they were apparently one of the first companies to develop and introduce cosmeceutical products in Korea. The term "cosmeceutical" is a blend of "cosmetic" and "pharmaceutical" - cosmeceutical products not only enhance appearance, but also deliver nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Their products are developed based on many years of clinical experience from LJH Skin Clinics. It is not easy to get your hands on them out of Korea, so you would be glad to know that HKCplaza provides free international shipping and complimentary starter kits! More on that later.

I was given the opportunity to try out 2 of their all-time best sellers, and I can't wait to share my experience! Although the products are sponsored, I would like to point out that opinions stated are entirely my own.

Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack

What it is: A rinse-off oxygenating mask that brightens, detoxifies, whitens, and exfoliates. Use 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

Apply 1-2 pumps (I use 2) of product all over your face.

The fun part is it actually bubbles and foams up within seconds after spreading.

Massage into your face until foam disappears.

Thoughts: This does what it claims - brightens the skin and removes impurities pretty well. My face felt smoother and really clean after usage. It does have a typical soapy smell which I am fine with, but some of you may not like it. I will definitely continue using this to see how it fares in the long run!

Priced at S$76, but now on discount at S$58. Get it here.

Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream

What it is: 3-in-one CC cream: make-up, sun care, and vitamin C essence. Natural looking, evens skin tone, medium coverage.

Product comes out white from the tube, and changes colour as you continue to spread it. Apply it over your face just like any other cream, but it is best to use your fingers instead of a brush to fully work the pigment capsules, otherwise it may turn out a bit pale.

Here, I applied more than enough product on my hand to make the colour change more obvious on camera. It looks too much, too heavy, and doesn't appear to suit my skin tone, but look how it blended out so beautifully in the next picture.

Natural looking, satin finish, with medium coverage.

Now on the face:

Before and after:
The difference may not be very obvious here because I don't have any major flaws/marks on my face. However it is definitely noticeable that it helps to cover up some red areas and dark spots that I have. It also corrects my slightly yellow skin tone.

Thoughts: I totally recommend this! I am quite tanned, and it is not easy to find a BB/CC cream that suits my skin tone and does not leave a grey cast on my face. This CC cream helps to correct my skin tone, covers up minor flaws, and creates a very natural look after blending. Definitely worth a try! Not too sure how it will work on those with fairer skin or a deep tan though!

This product is similar to The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream which also uses pigment capsules, but not as oily. (There's a fine line between oily and dewy, and it is impossible for me to not set the All-In-One BB Cream with powder.) This satin finish is perfect because it gives me a healthy and dewy look that I really like. I'm just not a fan of a matte complexion. But for matte lovers, you can always finish it off with some pressed or loose powder!

Priced at S$72, now at S$36. Get it here.

Some samples were also included for me!

Admittedly, this is not a cheap brand, and not everybody is willing to splurge on a product just to test it right. So for a start, why not redeem your complimentary starter kits?

If you would like to make any purchase from HCKplaza, use the VIP code: SB01000JAD for an additional 10% off on top of any current discounts/promotions. If you're unsure, here is a guide on how you can utilize your coupon codes.

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