Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chacott and Freed of London

Last friday, I was invited to the opening of the first Southeast Asian flagship store for Chacott and Freed of London at Mandarin Gallery!

Chacott and Freed of London are two of the most esteemed labels in the ballet world. Both labels have rich history of producing some of the best handcrafted pointe shoes adorned by the top ballet dances around the globe, making them the go-to brands for professional ballet needs.

Signifying its enormous global reputation, the brands are represented by strong Dance Ambassadors and major ballet troupes that support the art in Japan, Switzerland and USA, including the prestigious Singapore Dance Theatre. Chacott Freed of London can be said to represent a quality lifestyle and inspiration of the ballet world.

They had a little reception area, and I love these sparkling organic juices by The Providore! They are 100% fruit juices, made in Australia, with no added sugar, preservatives or anything artificial. Honestly, things that sound this healthy usually aren't that great taste-wise, but these juices are freakin' delicious! They even tasted a lil like cider haha. I tried a cup of everything, and Pink Lemonade's my favourite of the lot!

Some desserts were available for us too! I only had the lemon curd tard, which was a delight as well! :9


Besides ballet apparels, their collection also incorporates a rhythmic gymnastics range which has been growing fast in prominence, and is the favoured range to be used by our very own Singapore National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team.

With the rise in popularity of yoga, yogis looking for fashionable and premium yoga wear will be thrilled to find the jazz dance and yoga line, which features quality well-cut basics as well as limited edition apparels launched every season. If you're interested in ballroom dancing, there's a line for that too!

They even have apparels in the kids range!

Look at this cute little girl in one of their pieces! And oh, what was she playing with??

Yes! Recently, Chacott has also developed a range of professional stage makeup, Chacott For Professionals. It is inspired by and originally created for the needs of the ballet stage. Today, Chacott For Professionals has found new fans in stage performers, celebrities, and professional makeup artists. Of course, that doesn't mean that normal people like us can't use them! ;)

Being made in Japan, the makeup range is of assured quality, and are also resistant to sweat and liquids - which is awesome in our humid weather don't you think? It also has these key features:
  • Suited for High Definition TV
  • UV protective effect (non-chemical SPF/PA)
  • Uses mainly vegetable extract, natural colorant
  • Gentle to skin and safe for children
  • Fragrance-free, colour-free, & mineral oil-free
Their colour range features 35 unique shades of Colour Variation (S$22 each) from its bold regular shades to its pearly Winking Series and vivid Varie-paint lining series, suited for use as eyeshadow, blush, highlight, contour, etc.

The colour range comes in singular palette, but you are also allowed to create your own unique 3-, 6-, or 9- hole palettes to suit your individual needs and preferences.

3-hole Customized Palette - Arabian Nights, customized by Sarah Chaudhry, a professional makeup artist, Youtube guru, and beauty blogger.

3-hole Customized Palette - Spiced Pumpkin, also customized by Sarah.

There are also many lip colours (S$14 each) to pick from!

Lip palettes come with 4 holes for the perfect lip combination you need! This is The Essential, customized by makeup artist, Joanna Koh.

Creamy foundation (S$60).

Stick foundation (S$33).

Liquid foundation for face and body (S$36).

Cleansing water (S$23) - Makeup remover and lotion.
Cleansing cream (S$28) - Hypoallergenic cleansing, oil-free, fragrance-free, colour-free.
Cleansing lotion (S$28) - Hypoallergenic cleansing, oil-free, fragrance-free, colour-free.
Cleansing oil (S$28) - Contains squalane and olive oil. Natural ingredients control water-oil balance in human skin. Suitable for dry skin.

Very pretty Winking Series Lamé Glitter (S$50)! Can be used as an eyeliner, or an over-the-top sparkly eyeshadow!

Mascara (S$32)
Quick eyeliner (S25) 
Winking Series Glass Powder (S$35) - 3D glass powder suitable as a highlighter, as a mixer with finishing powder, as a shiny lip gloss, or for décolleté and shoulders.

HD Enriching Powder (S$33) on the left is a translucent fine powder which contains amino acid ingredients, helps retain moisture better, and can be used as a finishing coat over foundation for long lasting makeup.

HD Enriching Creamy Foundation is water-based, keep skin moisturised and smooth-looking.

Plant powder foundation (S$33) - Contains organic ingredients only, suitable for children, gentle on skin, waterproof, SPF50 and PA+++. Inclusive of a puff.

This finishing powder (S$22), in particular, has been a hit among many. I haven't tried it myself, but I read that it beats many powders in oil-controlling, is finely-milled, and keeps your face fresh all day.

Surely you'll need some makeup brushes for your canvas?


Lastly, I really enjoy meeting new people, especially those that I've come across in the virtual world! :)

Thank you for the invitation, Camy! :)

Chacott Freed of London
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery #03-21A
Singapore 238897

Tel: +65 6733 6036
Email: enquiry@chacott.com.sg

Look of the day:
Absolutely love this pair of Weekend Runaway Flare Skorts from Hollyhoque! Perfect length for me!! Shorts underneath means I get to move around very comfortably without worrying about exposing myself all the time! :D

Testing out the flash of my Nikon camera! Totally forgot how good camera flashes are because I had been using my lousy iphone flash for the longest time.


I was also recently invited to Backstage Cafe for food tasting, courtesy of lovely Poh Tin! Will blog about it soon! :D


Ambar @beautyfoolosophy said...

Hey girl, thanks for posting! The pictures came out really pretty :)

I loove the ballet flats!!--Not that I do ballet, but they just look like a work of art! Don't you think?

Kathleen said...

Hi! I don't do ballet either, but yes they are really pretty to look at! :)