Monday, March 31, 2014

VICHY: Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Range


Many women are willing to go the distance for smoother, plumper, and younger looking skin: Fish oils, anti-ageing creams, sun screens, botox, sperm facials... and they often overlook the power of a simple moisturiser. Keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized is a great start! It delays the development of wrinkles, and plumpness helps to prevent expression lines from deepening into permanent fixtures. Lines and creases are also far less noticeable.

I was given the opportunity to try out two of Vichy's new products, which will be launching tomorrow! Here's the box that they came in:

I love personal touches like this! Gets me so excited hahaha:

Did you know that dehydration is not only a water loss phenomenon, but also due to poor water distribution, causing facial features to appear less smooth, less plump, revealing a dull complexion? I didn't! Guess which facial areas lose water faster due to movement and exposure to the environment? Our cheeks and jaw! Never ever crossed my mind that water distribution plays a part... I mean I always apply products evenly across my face what! :/

The all new Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Range contains a unique blend of 3 Energising Sugars and Vichy Thermal Spa Water:
    Derived from marine red algae, this unique active ingredient helps to repair the skin's barrier function, smoothens and softens the skin.
    Patented L'Oréal ingredient which ensures a continuous supply of moisture to all facial zones via dynamic water diffusion.
    A super efficient hydrating ingredient which replumps the skin's surface by enhancing its capacity to retain water.
    100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare minerals. Clinically proven to regenerate, soothe, and protect the skin

Are you convinced already?? Let's take a look at the two products I received:

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum
What: The 1st hydrating power serum containing 3 Energising Sugars and Vichy Thermal Spa Water that can capture and retain moisture. Also enhanced with Dynamic Hydration Technology to continuously even out moisture in all facial zones (including cheeks and jaw!) for fresh-looking skin all day long. Tested on Asian sensitive skin.

Who: Women with dehydrated and sensitive skin, who are looking to rebalance and revitalise their skin for that plumped up and fresh look.

How: Apply evenly morning and night on face and neck either alone or under makeup. Smooth on gently until thoroughly absorbed.

I like how it's so easy to use, just one pump is enough for my entire face. The glass bottle comes in a pretty shade of blue, which I couldn't stop looking at. Attractive packaging really keeps me motivated to use the product everyday.

I love its ultra light texture, and you can tell how easily absorbed it is, leaving no greasy residue at all. Using this alone already feels sufficient actually, but of course I'm not gonna just stop here!

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Cream (Light)
What: The innovative cream contains Activ Hyaluronine™, a combination of hyaluronic acid and lipidure that is proven to infuse lasting moisture. This ingredient is micro-encapsulated and delivered as part of a continuous system of hydration. The cream strengthens the natural protective function of the skin and soothes discomfort. Hypoallergenic formula has been tested on sensitive skin.

Who: For women with sensitive, dehydrated normal to combination skin. 

How: Apply evenly morning and night on face and neck either alone or under makeup. Smooth on gently until thoroughly absorbed.

Presented in a luxurious glass pot, this intensive yet lightweight moisturiser restores the balance of my normal to combination skin. One complaint I have is why doesn't it come with a spatula? Actually, who am I kidding? I would end up using my fingers anyway even if they had included one. Too lazy!

Some moisturisers can leave your skin feeling sticky and gross and just make you wanna wash it off, and this isn't it. Rich in Vichy Thermal Water, which instantly cools irritation and tightness. Very creamy, yet quite easily absorbed. There is also a heavy version that is targeted at people with dry skin.

I am not one who likes to sleep with air-con - I very much prefer fresh air - but the weather these days are really calling for it. And with air-con, it is a must to moisturise because it makes my skin so dry and I hate it. I've been applying this hydration cream every night after the aforementioned serum for about a week now. Both of them work very well together to give me a smooth, hydrated, and radiant complexion the next morning!

Both products are launching tomorrow at SGD52 and SGD45 respectively. You can find them at your nearby Watsons, Guardian, or Unity!

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