Friday, March 7, 2014

VANITY TROVE: Get, Snap, Blingo! Project Launch Party

I was invited to Vanity Trove's party at Zouk on Wednesday! The theme was modern hippie chic and I really didn't know what to wear, so I decided that playing with accessories would be apt.

(Some of the pictures in this post are not mine by the way, I stole a few from Christy, Samantha, Ashley, Lydia, etc hahaha)

Love these colourful bracelets from Lovisa! I am so glad the one in blue which I got from a random store in Beijing came to good use! ;)

A closer look! Okay this blown up picture makes the porous things next to the blue block look so disgusting it's giving me goosebumps! But I assure you they look very mild in real life!

Love these stacking rings too!!

L'Oreal was there, and these mirrors were for people to try their Steampod! Also got a free shampoo from them haha.

I also got to try Benefit's newly launched Lollitint, which I've been contemplating on buying ever since.

Huge unicorn made of balloons by the stage.

The dessert table, which I didn't get the chance to try. :( But I heard the treats were really good!

There were also other booths which I didn't manage to take pictures of...

The highlight of the night was finally getting to meet the lovely people I've been exchanging comments with on VT in real life!

Ashley and Samantha, the first two people I spoke to at the event! They were so nice to let me tag along because I was alone hahaha.

On the right is Christy our hype girl! :D

Leanne (@loveforskincare) whom I've been following on instagram for a while now, and Jacelyn.

I had never met Leanne in person so when I first spotted her, her name slipped my mind. I went, "You are loveforskincare right??" and she replied, "Yes, yes, you are kathleenkong right!" Hahahahahaha! Instagram brings people together.

Douglas, co-founder of VT!

or800 (1)or800 (2)
One with Lydia who's really friendly!

or800 (3)
or800 (4)
I'm so glad I joined the VT community because I made amazing virtual friends and finally got to meet them in person at the party!

VT's cake! I honestly didn't even know it was a cake until someone mentioned it on stage! So pretty!!

Ending with my ootd!

And my baby who came to fetch me! :D

I finally understood what the rave is all about after I started using Skin Inc's Get Awesome Skin Renewal Set. I also bought their Pure Revival Peel days ago, so imagine my happiness when I found a full-sized bottle of Regenerate Vitamin A Serum in the goodie bag!! Will blog about it soon! ;)



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