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Loveybelle: Eclipse Brush Set

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Until I was gifted my first ever eye palette -  the NARSissist eye palette - the only brush I had ever needed/owned was simply a blush brush. I couldn't possibly experiment with powder eye shadows without using some brushes, so I bought a few Sigma basics because 1) they have lots of good reviews, 2) they are the more affordable ones in the market, and 3) I had not discovered local brands.

When local brand Loveybelle offered to send me their self-manufactured Eclipse Brush Set for review, I was obviously very happy because it's gonna be my first full set of brushes!

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Loveybelle was established by Carol, a working mom who had years of experience in beauty line. After graduating from her major in makeup and cosmetics, Carol started off her career working as a consultant in a local beauty company while freelancing as a makeup artist. Using her years of experiences with women of all walks of life, she stringently handpicked all the products in the store, ensuring that her customers receive affordable but great valued products.

The Eclipse Brush Set consists of 10 single brushes and 2 duo brushes, and comes with a complimentary textured faux leather case - which is so convenient because do you know how troublesome it is to bring my brushes to S' house without a proper case? I usually just stuff them in a random pencil case, and hope that all the shifting and moving won't cause them any damage.

Buffer Brush (Taklon hair)
For the uninitiated, Taklon is a synthetic fiber designed to be anti-bacterial, soft, and durable. These brushes are hypoallergic, so they make a good alternative for people with skin sensitivity or allergies. They are also more hygienic than real hair brushes because they do not have an irregular surface, making them easier to clean!

A fluffy brush great for dusting loose or pressed powder all over face. Also great for liquid/cream foundations because it buffs the product in, resulting in a flawless and natural look. Remember to apply it in circular motion.

Tapered Brush (natural and synthetic hair)
This powder brush is ideal for applying both loose and pressed powder. Its tapered shape works very well for contouring and highlighting. I use this for some light contouring of my cheeks and I really like how dense yet soft it is!

Loose Powder Brush (Taklon hair)
Picks up powder well, and feels even softer than the aforementioned tapered brush.

Angled Blusher Brush (Taklon hair)
This is suitable for both blush and contour. I use it more for sweeping some bronzer on my cheeks, since my cream blush needs no brush (haha). I have always prefered angled brushes for cheeks because they are just so easy to use! Again, it's made of Taklon hair and it is so, so soft!

Angled Foundation Brush (high quality synthetic hair)
Synthetic bristles go best with liquid-based products, which include liquid and cream foundations, cream blushes, gel liners, concealers, and lip colours. They allow a smooth finish since they don't absorb so much of the product like natural hairs do, and are easier to clean and maintain.

I used to apply foundations or bb creams with my fingers. It works fine, but brushes allow a more even application of products. Prevent wastage too! I use this to apply my VDL Real Skin Foundation.

Duo Brush for Face (high quality synthetic hair)
I use the bigger side for foundation, and the smaller for concealer. One problem with using this kind of paddle brush for foundation is that it's prone to streaking. Often have to use my fingers to blend it out, but it does give quite a good coverage.

I have a love-hate relationship with doubled ended brushes. It's convenient because it's 2-in-1, but it's not because there's only one way of storing it - horizontally.

Dual Eye Brush (natural hair)
Flat eyeshadow brush for packing colour over lid, and the other is a fluffy tip great for creases. Because it is natural, I find that it does fray a little.

Natural hair brushes are best for powder products - eyeshadows, powder blush, bronzer, etc. They are softer than synthetic bristles, hold onto powders more efficiently, and make blending a breeze.

Tapered Eye Blending Brush (natural hair)
I use this fluffy and soft tapered brush to blend out colours in the crease. Can also be used to contour the nose, which I don't know how.

Small Contour Brush (Taklon hair)
For shading of eyes and highlighting, creating a smoulder eye effect. Soft enough for some blending too.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush (natural hair)
Basically the same as Dual Eye Brush mentioned above.

Angled Liner Brush (high quality synthetic hair)
For gel liners.

Lip Liner (high quality synthetic hair)
For lining of lips, or lip stick application.

The full set, which comes together with the leather case, costs S$138. Looks steep, but is actually very worth it because you are paying about S$10 for each brush!

Carol and Vinna also included some brush guards for me, which I had planned to get even if they didn't! If you want your brushes to go a long way, please take care of them. These durable net brush guards protect and maintain the shape of your brushes. The best part is you can actually put them over your newly washed and wet brushes, since they are able to dry naturally under the net!

You can cut them in halves to maximise usage like I did.

Thank you Carol and Vinna for sending me these lovely brushes! :)

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