Saturday, March 29, 2014

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

I first tried everyone's favourite (except S) shiok maki two years ago when my friends dapao-ed some back. So I finally found a day to go down with S and have the entire plate to myself!! Haha perk of having a boyfriend who does not like sashimi. :D

This is the 1st generation. Haven't tried the 2nd because I wanted the one with unagi. My dad loves jap food so he was the one who introduced unagi to me when I was just a little kid!

Nyeah... average.

Felt so cheated by such a small portion of lamb! Didn't really enjoy it because I don't quite like sweet sauce with meat. Much prefer the one at Akanoya Robatayaki.

Garlic fried rice! Our must-have at every jap restaurant!

Didn't use any base/primer/foundation that day since I forgot to bring to S' house. :/ Always feel so bare without it, but I'm thankful for good skin! Sometimes I get questions like how I make my skin look flawless with makeup, which I don't know how to answer. This is my skin with no foundation, no filter, no photoshop - only under eye concealer (for my dark circles) and blusher. I am really not that conscientious with my skincare either, although I do own quite a few products. A blogpost soon, maybe?


Something exciting happening tomorrow, can't wait!

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