Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Cajun Kings / Wimbly Lu

The Cajun Kings
We gave them a call at about 4pm to make reservations, but we were told that they were fully booked from 7pm onwards. So we decided to head down for an early dinner instead!

When the Buttermilk Frog Legs were served, I was a bit scared because omg they were as huge as chicken wings! Had to stop myself from thinking that hey I am putting a frog into my mouth!!! Both of us loved this dish because the legs were very tender and juicy, and value for money! The Garlic Fries wasn't what I had expected because they weren't exactly garlic-infused, but served with diced garlic instead - which we really liked especially because they tasted like the preserved radish atop the common chwee kueh.

Dungeness Crab in King's Mix, and Boston Maine Lobster in Garlic Butter. So yummy!!! They don't look that big here, but were actually of pretty decent sizes, much to our surprise - we were half expecting them to be stingy hahaha.

The aftermath! It was so fun getting our hands dirty and making so much noise with the mallets while trying to crack the shells! S loved both the food and the experience too, but he said he would choose chilli crab over this anytime hahaha. Our bill came up to about S$220 in total.

Good natural light called for more selfies haha.

Wimbly Lu
Although we were already so stuffed from dinner, we wanted something sweet so we went 1-2 doors down to this little cafe.

Nutella Tart - Moist and rich! Just the way we like it.

Root Beer Cake w/ Vanilla Ice Cream - I have always liked cakes that are dense and moist, and this cake didn't disappoint. It's more like a brownie than a cake. I think mixing root beer and cake is quite a novelty, and can be a little strange at first taste, but we really liked it! Went well the the vanilla ice cream which was light and not too sweet.

Love this pretty little tube top upcoming on Hollyhoque today!


Anonymous said...

hey kat, i went to the hollyhoque site to check out the top you were wearing, anyway, just wanted to ask where you got your platform white shoes from that was paired with this particular pink top?

thanks :)

Kathleen said...

Hi! That pair of platform white shoes isn't mine! It's just one of the shoes for photoshoot haha

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where you get that stone ring from? :)

Kathleen said...

Hi it's from Topshop :)