Friday, February 21, 2014

BEIJING: Nanshan Ski Village / Others


We woke up bright and early so we could spend our second last day skiing!!! I had never tried skiiing before so I was very excited yet a lil afraid at the same time.

Nanshan Ski Village
One of the largest and most beautiful ski resorts around Beijing, it is located in Miyun County, about 1-2 hours from central city, therefore also a lot colder. It is a great place for beginners especially because it is relatively cheap - hiring of instructor, rental of equipment, and basically the skiing fee. We were saying that we should return and stay a night or two at the resort the next time so we could spend more time skiing and also pick up more techniques. In future when we are able to ski comfortably we could then go to places like Korea, Japan, or even the Alps! :D Something to consider yes?

Our instructor for the day! I bet S, whose Chinese sucks, didn't understand half of the things our instructor said hahaha. Oh the slopes in the background are meant for beginners.

S in orange, facing our instructor in red, learning one of the basics: how to control speed. On the left side of the picture are people going to the top of the slope (where I was standing) on a travelator.

I was so freakin scared on my first few attempts down the beginners slope which was obviously not even steep. Even with the instructor in front of me, I felt so lost, so uptight, so out of control, and so nervous that I was actually perspiring under 4-5 layers of clothing.

Do you know how difficult it was to walk in those shoes... Haha they were so stiff I think we walked like penguins.

After trying over and over to brake and make turns, we took a break and had lunch:
Look at him. No idea what he was trying to do hahaha.

Yummy yummy lamb skewers again!!!

After lunch, we took a quadruple chair lift with our instructor up to the intermediate slope!!!
I love the intermediate slope!!! Lots of turns and slopes. Challenging yet manageable. It also took me a while to get the hang of making turns. I had a love-hate relationship with a certain part because the slope was so freakin steep it made us go so quick that there was no way in hell we could slow down. So scary yet exhilarating.

There's also an advanced slope, which we didn't and couldn't go for obvious reasons.

On one of our last trips down the slope, our instructor left us alone to use the washroom. I was secretly happy because I could finally not feel so stressed (although he was really nice) and just fall and roll about as and when I liked hahaha.

I cannot for the life of em emphasise how much I enjoyed myself, and I miss skiing so much T.T I guess I really underestimated it! Before the trip I honestly didn't see why we needed an instructor because it looks easy what! It definitely is much more difficult than it seems! I left the place with aching shins haha because of the constant bending of knees and leaning on the (very stiff) shoes.

After skiing we went for dinner at a restaurant which I have forgotten the name of:
We over ordered the ingredients for our ma la xiang guo.

I am a typical Singaporean (only) when I am overseas, so when we saw a long queue at a cheesecake stall nearby I was very curious. It looked just like our local fiesta cheesecake - stamped with not a cow but a lady. I was like :D, and S was like -.- Tasted about the same too hahaha. Aiya, must try then you know what! Hahahahaaaaa.

I thought this would be the last post on Beijing but there's just one more!

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