Monday, December 2, 2013

Soup Restaurant / The Coastal Settlement

Soup Restaurant:

The popular Samsui Ginger Chicken that the restaurant is known for, and that everyone was instagramming for a period of time. Must be the full circle that makes it look so photogenic. I thought it was good but nothing worth raving about. He didn't even think it was good haha. The claypot tofu was really savoury especially when it was still hot.

The fried rice came in a huge portion, which we both couldn't finish. I kept having it as the vehicle of the soya sauce (I love soya sauce with chopped chilli!!!) - like how a hard boiled egg is always the vehicle of my favourite chilli. I also ordered a dish of eggs with tomatoes which tasted as normal as it looks here.


Friday evening was spent helping S out with his event at Crowne Plaza:
Test shot ^^

After which, we went for dinner at The Coastal Settlement:

I love their truffle fries, but I wish there was a kitchen towel or something to soak up the oil at the base. The fries at the bottom are always glistening with oily goodness that I cannot eat. And of course, my favourite portobello fries that I always have to be careful with, because they are so juicy they splurt.

Have always heard about their calamari, and finally we got to try it! They were finger-licking good!! You'll discover that the passionfruit mayonnaise has real passionfruit inside if you decide to scoop everything out like I did out of curiosity.

Prawn Aglio Olio with XO sauce. It was okay, but we probably wouldn't have it again. It came with a generous serving of really juicy prawns (which I loved), but I don't think the aglio olio brought out the flavour of XO as well as I would like it to be. I think the XO cup noodles that you can find in any supermarket would be more satisfying - without the prawns, of course.

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