Sunday, December 15, 2013

Birthday Part I: Akanoya Robatayaki

When the clock struck 12, S ran to the kitchen and came back to the room holding a mini pandan cake with a lighted candle in the middle. He also took out a bouquet of surprise from his bag, which looked rather squashed haha.

S brought me for dinner at Akanoya Robatayaki, located at Orchard Parade Hotel. When we stepped in, we were immediately welcomed by everyone with a loud and unanimous Japanese greeting (I think). We sat around a display of fresh ingredients, to which we could point to order. Every single time we ordered, the waiter would announce the list of our requests loudly while everyone in the house listened attentively, and gave another loud and unanimous respond which we unfortunately could not understand. A Japanese chef would grill our choice of food on an elevated platform right in front of us, and serve it to us on a long wooden paddle - which I found very fascinating!

This place burns a hole in your pocket faster than you know it - especially for people who tend to over order, because the price of everything isn't stated, except for drinks.

Otoshi (S$10): a compulsory appetizer, placed alongside your chopsticks, sauces, and hot towel. If I'm not wrong, I read online that this is usually served to customers who order any alcoholic beverage, but sometimes also served to those who consume soft drinks. The content is almost always not made known to the customer before it is served, neither does the customer have any say in it. It is added to the bill even if it remains untouched. Both S and I were each served a small bowl which consisted of salmon, pork, and some other ingredient that I didn't take note of.

Salmon sashimi (S$20): Really really fresh and thick! I don't expect any less, because, look at the price haha.

Enoki mushrooms (S$7): Beautifully grilled and buttery!

Wagu beef cubes (S$40 per stick): The best part of the meal! Quite costly for 3 small cubes, but so worth it because they melt in your mouth!

Garlic fried rice (S$8): So yummy!!! I think I am willing to eat this everyday.

Here's the chef preparing our crab!

Crab (S$90): Another highlight of the night, the crab was so sweet and juicy!

Pork belly (S$8): He thought this was quite a disappointment because it was dry.

Lamb (S$15): I don't usually like my lamb in sweet sauce, but this was good anyway.

Potatoes (S$7): He ordered this for fun, because he wanted to know how much they can charge for potatoes hahaha.

Fruits (S$12): Also a compulsory dish served as dessert.


Our bill came up to S$266, which was much cheaper than we were prepared for (S$400-S$500), probably because we didn't order items like scallops, prawns, and fish (besides salmon sashimi). He really wanted another stick of wagyu though! I don't think we ate much, but I was strangely already full even before the end of the meal. S was still hungry. We had a really good experience, and we will definitely go back again, just not any time soon haha.

Thank you for the lovely birthday dinner 

What I wore that day: a Topshop dress that he got me long ago but had not have the chance to wear it. I use my silver Marie Turnor bag to death! Please don't fall apart on me :(

Doesn't look much, but the longer you wear them the heavier they get! I gave them a little lift with my fingers whenever I could - on the escalator, in the elevator, or when I'm seated. So heavy -_- No, I refused to take them off hahaha. S will never understand, "Why do you put yourself through such pain?"

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