Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday, we went Ubin to cycle with our aching asses from Monday's badminton. (It still hurts by the way.) The sky cleared after about 10 minutes of pouring rain.

Here in the comfort of my home, I am saying I would love to go again. But I know that once I'm there I would swear at the slopes in pain. I love downslopes but I've learned not to be too happy about them because if there's a downslope now there will be an upslope soon. He has a more positive take on it: to look forward to the descent after the uphill trudge. Hehe it was really fun nonetheless.


Whenever I'm out with him I don't have to worry about anything. This time, he made sure he packed everything: water, food, insect repellant, plasters, towel, ponchos, etc. I just had to bring myself and that was it because my wallet and phone were kept in his bag. Neither did I have to carry any small pouch/bag when we went to Bangkok. I didn't even bring my own luggage hahahaha. I know. I feel kind of bad sometimes...

This was what I did to Cookie when S was packing for our Ubin trip:
Hahahahahaha I managed to put him into the backpack which isn't very big hahaha he looks so cute!!!

Anyway, we went home to wash up before heading over to Chillax Cafe @ Serangoon!
Truffle fries, beer, and wagyu beef rosti!

The purple potato looked pretty and inedible at the same time... don't know how to feel about it but the wagyu beef hidden inside was not bad. We ordered an UPSIZED portion of truffle fries TWICE. No matter how many times he disagrees with me, I know that I did finish most of it. I can really eat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen! How do you upload your pictures onto Blogger because I just can't do it the way you did (pictures side-by-side). OH YES and the main thing is... is it true that UB doesn't have exams? Just test and tutorials? THX DEAR!

Kathleen said...

I use flickr and it allows me to choose the size of the picture. Make sure that the total width of 2 pictures side by side doesn't exceed the width of the column for your entries. Otherwise blogger will automatically place the 2nd picture on the next line.

For UB there are tests once in a while, and they all contribute to your final grade for that module at the end of the semester. Unlike UOL, which works like O and A levels, UB does not have ONE final exam that determines your fate. It's about scoring consistently on all tests, so you can't leave the pushing to the last few weeks.

Some UB modules also require group projects or presentations which will also count towards your final grade for that module.