Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sabio by the Sea

On Wednesday, I was digging for chocolate bits out of a box of ice cream after my afternoon nap, when S arrived with a bouquet of flowers after his class, and told me to get ready because he was gonna bring me out for a nice lunch. Venue was held a secret because he wanted to surprise me!

He gave me clues: Alfresco dining. Name of the restaurant is made up of 4 words. First word starts with "s", second word starts with "b", last word ends with "y".

I voiced out my guesses: Damn long name. Gardens by the bay?? No, the first word starts with an "s", not "g". ___ by the bay right? Tell me! Singing by the bay?? What's that... Have we talked about the restaurant before? Where is it?? Which area is it? Tell me! Singing by the bay!

Anyway, it turned out that he remembered the name wrongly because it's Sabio by the Sea, not Sabio by the Bay. Hahahaha.

Paella de Pescado: Squid, Sea Bass, Mussels, Clams, Shrimps
He said he chose this place mainly because I mentioned that I wanted to try paella. :') They have different paellas, (like the one with chicken/beef/chorizo, which we were contemplating on) but decided on this one instead - although I don't eat mussels and clams. It is sweet and tasty, and gets addictive after the first few bites. It was my first time trying it! Both of us still prefer risotto anytime.

Champiñones al ajillo: Garlic mushrooms
The sauce is a little too salty after a while but pretty good!

Chuleta de Cordero a la Parrilla: Grilled Lamb Cutlets
I love lamb. I will always love lamb. We have also been buying lamb tenderloins from the supermarket and baking them with spices! So good!!

Tortilla española con chorizo: Traditional Spanish omelette with chorizo
This is also on the salty side, but really yummy!

Ended the meal with some Churros! Didn't eat much because I was already so full!

We also tried both red and white Sangria (not pictured), which is basically chopped fruits in a wine base mixed with a sweetener. Don't really fancy it though! Still prefer normal wine.


I will never find a man as sweet as you. 


runwithperserverance said...

Kat, you're really blessed and lucky (: I'm glad that Sean is so sweet to you. He really sounds like a keeper from what you've been blogging about him. I really hope you guys last! (: It's rare to find such a guy - he sounds like a total gem!
- Glennda

Kathleen said...

Yeah he is! Thanks Glennda :)