Friday, October 18, 2013

Oktoberfest Asia

Recently S mentioned that he wanted to go for Oktoberfest, but we decided not to because we thought the ticket price wasn't really worth a beer, a dish, and a souvenir glass. So it was a pleasant surprise when we found out that I won tickets to the event from 8 Days Eat! :D


A cute little bottle of Jägermeister for every one!

Each ticket came with a meal, which completely exceeded our expectations. We picked banger and mash, and pork knuckle. Portions were HUGE, and food was scrumptious, especially the pork knuckle! S found it alright, "not the best", but I actually thought it was SO GOOD. I never liked pork knuckle because I tried it once and it wasn't that great, but this one changed my mind. Meat was really tender, and I couldn't stop eating the skin. I think I went to heaven for a bit, or maybe calorie hell, I'm not sure. Anyway I don't understand how anyone eats clean, because I simply cannot do it. I swear if you put one in front of me right now I will devour it entirely.

This is harder than it looks. It doesn't only require strength, but also, technique. It cost $5 for 2 tries, and I think you get a free hat if you succeed. S couldn't do it haha he was soooo close! I think some rather old caucasian lady was upset and confused at his failed attempts hahahaha. She said something to him but I wasn't really listening... all I know is she squeezed his biceps and exclaimed, "look at this!" hahaha that was funny.

(Not my) Home after a short but wonderful time, trying my best to suck my tummy in after a feast. Hahaha quite a good try... but damn. Apparently figure-hugging clothes did not/ does not/ will not/ cannot stop me from over eating. Food. FOOD. How can you say no to food.

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