Sunday, September 1, 2013

Steve Café and Cuisine/ Pratunam Wanton Noodles/ Easy Kart

Steve Café and Cuisine

We were seated next to a table of boys - half of them were locals, the other half weren't. This is him being kpo because he detected a Singaporean accent from the non-locals. He wanted to ask which school they were from since they were only wearing their half-uniforms (white pants with t-shirts that did not state name of school).

He was at it the entire time: "Eh I really want to ask which school they are from."

Ostrich sausage.

Deep fried soft shell crab with garlic. INCREDIBLY. DELICIOUS.

The green curry was so spicy! We didn't order much, but still couldn't finish because we were still so full from the whole day of eating. It was only around 5-6pm!

That's him finally asking them (they are from Raffles by the way), and his face of satisfaction.

Planning the route for the next day. He planned this entire trip: the hotel, what to do on which day, which route to take, BTS or cab or tuk-tuk, where to eat, printed out maps from Google, etc. I did absolutely nothing. He really spoils me :')

Hahahaha he was whining a bit because I was trying to wake him up - he fell asleep first, and I felt lonely and scared.

"I cannot open my eyes..."


Pratunam Wanton Noodles

2nd time here. The wanton noodles were good because of the fried lard. Blur picture because sometimes I feel embarrassed to take pictures of food so I just wanna do it quickly hahaha.

On the BTS!

Easy Kart

This was the highlight of our trip!!

There are different packages but ours was: 5 x 8 minutes (~SGD180 including rental of shoes)

For the first 3 sets we used the 160 CC karts that go up to 45km/h. For the last 2 sets we tried the 270 CC ones that go up to 65km/h.

We were very impressed by the entire system. The shoes were really clean and comfortable, the helmets didn't stink because shower caps were given for hygiene purposes, efficient switching of groups for every round.


It was really exhilarating because the karts could go really fast!! Especially the 270 CCs. At some turns I felt like the kart was controlling me and I was just steering and accelerating and braking and steering and steering and accelerating and basically just like "wtf is going on?!?!?!"

There were quite a few sharp turns that saw me drifting. Once I drifted and found myself facing the barrier when the kart came to a halt. I don't know what I was thinking - whether I actually wanted to step the brake once more just to be sure, or to reverse (impossible; no reverse gear), or whatever it was, but I stupidly stepped on the accelerator full force and crashed into the barrier.

What an awkward couple shot hahaha.

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