Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last day

Greyhound Cafe

I love salmon, but I didn't like this at all. The salmon was a little tough, and I didn't like the spicy sauce.

Garlic bread with bacon bits = party in the mouth. I loved this!!!

Pasta with chunks of crab meat. Meh~


Room service again before checking out: nuggets, crab cakes, aglio olio with bacon. I swear there's something about the bacon they use over there. So salty so good!!!


This Bangkok trip was nothing like the 2 other times I went there. We didn't shop much - only a few pieces of clothes to wear at home. Neither did we go clubbing. We spent most of our money on activities and food, and of course, accommodation. The weather wasn't that great since it rained on some days, but we had fun walking in the rain with our ponchos (how convenient they are!).

I don't think I'll go to Bangkok again any time soon. It does get a tad mundane without the activities because having been there thrice, I'm getting familiar with where and how things are. Shopping over there doesn't interest me - the cheap apparels are too common (all over local blog shops) and of poor quality and fitting, and the expensive ones are, well, expensive.

I can't wait to explore a new place at the end of the year, hopefully. :) Novelty is always attractive.

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