Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Last Friday, when I was at the supermarket buying broccoli, I lost my phone. I don't know how I lost it - I'm not sure if I left it somewhere among the veggies, or if it was stolen from my pocket - I just suddenly realised that it wasn't with me.

S and I searched high and low for it. He dialled my number countless of times but it was unanswered. He even went to the office in a fruitless attempt to check the CCTVs. I think he panicked more than I did. I was really just pissed off.

The iPhone app called "Find My iPhone" is g-o-d-s-e-n-t. IT. IS. ABSOLUTELY. INCREDIBLE.

1. Using the said app on his phone, I set my lost phone to "lost mode" which locked itself with a 4-digit passcode, with a default screen displaying a custom message: This phone has been lost. Please call 9xxx xxxx. Or something like that. So whoever was holding on to my phone would have no access to it, except for the "call" button right below the message.

2. This app enabled me to set off an alarm in my phone which cannot be turned off unless the phone is unlocked. Or when the phones dies, I suppose. I was pressing the "Play Sound" button the entire time.

3. It tracked the location of my phone. This thief was moving away from the crime scene, and we followed (I was hoping like hell that (s)he wasn't in a vehicle). The location wasn't precise - it was just a rough guide - so we had to guess. We arrived at blk 156, and heard a very faint alarm-like sound from above. At this point I didn't even know that it was coming from my lost phone??? I didn't know how it sounds like! So we ignored it (!!) and kept walking around that area trying to freakin figure something out.

4. Finalfuckingly, I think the alarm annoyed the shit out of the thief and she decided to press the call button. S answered his phone, and was told to go to lorong 1 blk 156 level 3 to collect it. She didn't know we were already right downstairs. The phone was then returned to us by a male.

I wanted to confront him but I don't know what stopped me. I should have, I really should have. They obviously had no intention of returning it since they took my phone all the way home (which is about a 10-minute walk away). Fuckers.

Moral of the story: Download Find My iPhone on all your iOS devices and get your friends to do it too (you need to use another iOS device to find yours)! Familiarise yourself with it. Track whatever it is that you've lost (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc) ASAP. Don't wait!!

You also need:

1. Some orienteering skills since the map mainly shows you the names of roads and landmarks but not block numbers.

2. Determination. It is VERY frustrating to attempt to find your lost phone when the location just keeps changing, when you don't know how the alarm sounds like, and when you simply feel like you are running out of options.

3. Luck.

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