Tuesday, June 4, 2013



You can't tell, but this was taken when I was seeking solace in solitude right after walking away from an event, where I couldn't and wouldn't allow myself to put up a front, play a part and be all friendly with a person I do not like.


It doesn't take much to trigger a memory that has once haunted you for as long as a year. Just a hint of it, and the reaction that follows is often a reflex, a defence mechanism, a response that you probably should have held back but you didn't because you couldn't. You vent your pent up frustrations, you nitpick, you blame, you let your old emotionally-wrecked self lash out at the very thing that could make you whole.

You make someone pay for all the things that another did to you.


Anonymous said...

what happened gorgeous? dont be upset, it will give you wrinkles your pretty face.

Kathleen said...

that's really sweet :) thank you :)