Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the difference between you and him


we went back for my favourite truffle fries
and some beer

will you still love me if i'm fat?
i asked you (again)

i will still love you
i will grow fat with you
and when we are tired
of being fat
we will lose it together
you always say

(i remember
just last year
being the backdrop
being the black and white
that make the neons pop
i tried to glow
i wanted so much
to drip in gold

but i was only grey
at most

i wanted to be all the hues
he couldn't keep his eyes off
but no matter how hard
i tried
i knew
i was only the black and
the white
he couldn't keep his eyes on)

to the boys who
make these girls feel
like achromatic colours
make these girls fight
and crave for the attention
you have somewhere else

don't you know

that black is the absorption
of all colour pigments
that white is the light
that contains all the wavelengths
of the visible spectrum

and one day someone else

will know how
to be the prism that refracts this light
into a rainbow
that you failed to see

with those eyes of yours
that were always
so busy


Anonymous said...

that's a really pretty poem kat

Kathleen said...

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

glad that now you have someone who sees you and treasures you ^^