Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My first attempt at making a book from scratch for S' birthday. This method is called coptic stitch binding (watch video here), which requires no glue (except for wrapping the cardboards for the front and back covers).

The materials needed are simply: front and back covers, pages, waxed thread, scissors, and a needle.

I waxed the thread myself, using beeswax. I also used a curved needle instead of a straight one because it is easier to get around the stitches.


I chose this method of binding also because it allows the book to lay flat.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I spent about 4 hours on the stitching. Another 2 hours on content (32 pages worth). Yes the book is not blank haha.
After French paper on Tuesday, we wanted to have a quick late lunch at Turf City but there was a dreadful jam, so we decided to go to Dempsey instead:


I love afternoon beers. We took a nap before studying again and it was surprisingly productive.

Last paper tomorrow. Let's go.


Anonymous said...

omg kat that is sooo pretty. you just gave me the best idea :p thanks

Anonymous said...

erm, how did you get the holes to stitch? I watched the tutorial, her pages and back and front covers were already punched :<

Kathleen said...

I poked holes on both the covers and all the pages using the sharp end of a compass.

Anonymous said...

Hi can i know where you purchased all the items like the hard covers and the pages and the thread and all? spotlight or artfriend? Thank you so much for helping :)

Kathleen said...

Hey, sorry for the late reply!

The hardcovers were cut out from the back cover of a drawing block, and then wrapped with papers that I bought from Paper Market (at Plaza Sg).

The pages are basically cream coloured papers which I bought from Prints (at Ion).

I bought the thread and needles and beeswax from Spotlight.

Hope this helps!