Friday, March 1, 2013

Wednesday wasn't a good day for me, partly because there were things I needed but did not bring: my wallet, my make-up pouch, and my printed slides. I am not a very forgetful person, and I almost always have what I need with me. So when I forget anything like that I get terribly annoyed. I was also very tired, which didn't make things any better.

The day was turned around when I went home with S and received a lovely surprise!

S doesn't like roses at all but he got them for me because sometime ago I mentioned that I like them. :') I like blue roses. They look so pretty. I don't think any positive meaning is attributed to them but it doesn't matter because they are visually pleasing.

They don't look like they are part of the picture here haha.


I don't think I will truly feel at ease until my French presentation is over. It's in a month's time and we haven't started preparing. Kinda worried... :/ I would prefer an oral exam over this anytime.

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