Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

I thought I screwed up the card and the "mailbox" but they turned out pretty alright! :D

S cooked me the best, pasta, ever. ^__^

We also went to the gym again hahaha.

I think it is so much more special to receive flowers on any other random day than to receive them on Valentine's. Flowers are always nice, but if I'm holding what everyone else is holding, I think it's a relatively meaningless experience... almost obligatory.

After my previous relationship, I feared that maybe I wouldn't be able to find someone else whom I could connect with, whom I could really understand, and whom I could love with all my heart. At a tender age (haha) of only 21, I feared. It's so effortful to know a person. Time and reflection, wonder and curiosity, knowing and being known. The conversation opener, the uncomfortable silence, the phatic expressions, the space-fillers, the managing of interpersonal distance... the whole bonding ritual just seems too tiresome, and sometimes a little scary, because it's something only time will tell.

Then you came. Never knew I could lose count of my lucky stars. I don't know if it's merely because beginnings are ever so promising, but for now, I know you make me the happiest I've ever been in a very long time, and I am so blessed to be loved by you. :')

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