Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday evening was spent helping TAKEN out with some event @ Fort Canning. This time they gave out kacang puteh instead of setting up the usual photobooth. I think they bought about 90-100kg of nuts from Camel. I can now roll papers into cones like a pro. Matin looks like an uncomfortable kacang puteh man.

Hahahaha so cute. ^__^


I have 4 new pairs of shoes. I'm so happy. Also, I have put in quite a bit of effort to keep them out of my mum's sight.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha at your last line! happens to me quite often too hahahahahahahha :p

Anonymous said...

I typed something for you on your formspring but it got cut off :( so I thought I'd try it here

hey girl, we were schoolmates in cedar, you were my eyecandy for 2 years. you're such a pretty and adorable girl you know that? everyday I look forward to school cause I get to see you. I was with my gf that time so I couldn't tell you about how I feel. Recently I got to know about your problems through mutual frens and your blog so i thought I'd drop a message here for you. you're really such an angel to me back then. everything that a person could ever ask for. you've matured so much along the way. sometimes I secretly wish that you were still the innocent pretty adorable girl that I knew, wish that you'd keep the clubbing scene outta of your life, but I know I'm not to judge the kind of life you live. i know you're having fun, but it makes me sad that guys are there just to you know.. I wish I could keep those hands away.

and it pains me to see that you're hurt by guys. you deserve to be with a person who respects you, takes care of you. I hope you're happy with the new person. I really do. because you once make me looking forward every single days in cedar. will you promise me that you'll live the life that you deserve, that you'll not let any guy make you sad? I care for you and hope for the best for you kat :)

just an old fren that still care :)

Kathleen said...

Thank you for your kind message :)

I did have many problems with Terence. I was very miserable, insecure, paranoid, and I felt so inadequate. There was no trust, and I loved him a lot more than he loved me. And I am glad that I got out of that poor relationship. I don't regret it, because at that point I didn't want anything else other than that. And I guess I did learn many things, and I know I am not gonna let anyone treat me that way anymore.

I used clubbing to get my mind of the unhappiness that I constantly felt and it worked. I love the music, I love having fun with my friends. And I don't think clubbing is necessarily bad. I think it's fine as long as I know what I am doing. Not all guys are there just to take advantage of girls - many do, but not all. I do know a group of decent guys who go there just for the music and alcohol, and always make sure that us girls are safe in the club. But thank you for your concern. :) And for the record I haven't clubbed in a long time haha.

And yes I am a lot happier than before. Sean makes me very very happy, and I am truly blessed to have met him. I don't know what else to ask for.

Anonymous said...

good to hear that girl :)