Friday, December 7, 2012


Two days and nights spent with the boys last week!

Had some beer @ Union Bar before Thanksgiving dinner at Ming's place. Big beautiful mistake, because I was too full for our sumptuous dinner (sigh) but they have some seriously good popcorn there. Never liked beer, always hated the taste, but I think I changed my mind after last week. It really isn't that bad. We also made one hell of a mess because we stuffed the peanuts into our nostrils and tried to shoot them into the basket hahaha.

Our Thanksgiving dinner!! Everything was so good but I couldn't eat much, all because of the beer and popcorns and nuts. Damnnnn. :(  I'm gonna stop looking at this picture because it's making me salivate at 4am.

Gift exchange! I didn't have time to buy the gift, but Ming very kindly included me anyway and left himself out. :(

Porky received a scooter hahaha.


I wore the pullover (which T sent me) to sleep. The guest room is, always, so, cold.

What I received from the gift exchange! I love it! Firstly it is not furry, and secondly it is a beanie! I never liked big furry plush toys because I feel like I can't breathe just by looking at them. I mean some are really cute but I don't like to have one of my own. (My unicorn is different because it's pretty and cute and small and it's from my favourite person.) This orange thing, however, is just the right size and is extremely nice to hug. I've been hugging it to sleep every single night. It's now the reason why I look forward to bedtime, honestly.

Next morning.

When Sean and I were studying, Porky was playing the piano. I was so amazed because he really doesn't look like he knows how.

Chinese dinner with some friends from our French class @ SICC. The food was so good (salivating again). After which we headed to Bar on 5 and Nana! I hate the fact that I simply cannot, stop, eating, whenever I drink. Put anything in front of me and I will eat it! Seriously filled to the brim with alcohol at Bar on 5 that I couldn't have my favourite Nana chicken wings. What a pity. :(

My I'm-so-fucking-full-and-uncomfortable-but-I'm-smiling face. BUT after this picture I still kept eating the peanuts. -___- Absolute lack of control.

The Legend. Got pulled onto the stage to drink hahaha because they were told that it was his birthday. It wasn't.

The first night at Ming's place I did not have a good sleep for 2 reasons: Porky was snoring very loudly (hahaha), and I did not have anything to hug to sleep. I really can't have a good sleep with nothing in my arms, and this habit is gonna stick for life. Just when I thought I needed something to hug on the 2nd night, I received the toy from the gift exchange! And I did, indeed, sleep very soundly. I was so happy.

I never fail to notice it when things fall into place nicely, as though it's all part of a plan of the universe. I know not everyone agrees, but personally, I don't see them as coincidences, and I never really believed in such. It sounds cliché, but I do believe that (almost) everything happens for a reason. Even if it's something that breaks your heart, the universe has a way of working its magic, and make better things come together.

Take love for example. We all know: what goes around comes around. I read it somewhere that it is okay if it seems like nothing good is coming out of the love you are giving now. Just give and just keep giving, because one day, all this love that you are giving is going to come back to you. It will come right back to you. For months and months I thought it was bullshit, but it turned out to be true.

There are still things I don't understand, and some that I will never ever grasp. But I want to be able to count my blessings like I used to. In the middle of chaos, beautiful things can happen. Out of anything there is something in there that shines. You just have to think about it.

I initially intended to post some pictures only, don't know how I ended up talking so much. Midnight ramblings. Goodnight.

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