Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last Friday Night

Another awesome night spent at Zouk! Zouk music was sooooo good that night!!

Thought I was gonna look like crap because I was on the phone for ONE FRIKKIN HOUR while the rest were all drinking and I started crying like crazy. Turned out I looked okay. 3 cheers for waterproof mascara, and not applying eyeliner on the lower lash line.

I don't rmb any of the pictures taken haha except for one. I also don't remember most things especially how I got into zouk and what happened on the dancefloor because I was too happy on alcohol. Saran taught us how to drink Tequila "the German style" because apparently a German guy taught him that some time ago: snort the salt, squeeze the lemon into you eye, and then drink the tequila. Obviously when the lemon got into my eye I started tearing like mad and IT HURT. I highly suspect he was duped. Doesn't really matter because we willingly did it anyway hahaha.

However, I remember losing my balance when we were all waiting for cabs by the road. I fell forward and my knee bled and then instead of getting up I rolled backwards and looked like an overturned turtle shouting and laughing "OMG SHIT HAHAHAHA I FELLLL HAHAHA HELLPPPP" -___-

Highlight of the night: we saw this old man standing on the podium but not dancing. After which he just sat beside the speakers and since we were near him we decided to talk to him hahaha. What a cool grandpa. I will be like this when I'm 60 too!!!! ^_^ Club with my grandkids haha awesome. There's this picture that made me look like I was kissing him but I was simply talking into his ear because the music was too loud! But it shall not be posted here haha.

Saturday night was spent drinking (1 cider hahaha) and eating at Holland V and then meeting Sean after to have more drinks (2 glasses of wine) and food. Reached home at 7.30 am. Seriously if I spend every night like this eating and drinking without dancing I'm gonna put on weight. >:( Which explains why I like to go to clubs. I can just dance it off and omg it really is quite a good workout esp if you really really dance without resting.

Good weekend! My current circadian rhythm is abnormal. I go to sleep when the sun rises and I wake up at 3 in the afternoon.

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