Thursday, December 20, 2012

Korean dinner on a Tuesday night with Ming! We ordered too much. We also had bibimbap and I can't rmb what else.

Porky joined us at bar on 5 after!
I was trying to see if Ming was red hahaha.

I got drunk. And I started crying. Because they are really very nice to me and I was too touched hahahaha wtf I seriously cried. They tried to console me hahahahaahahah it was so funny.

Yesterday was IKEA with Sean. We did not finish the food either.

Drinks again after!
I got drunk AGAIN. It only took me 2 ciders w 8% alcohol content to throw up. -__- I actually don't even know where we were drinking at but damn the ciders are good.

My happy and drunk face.

Guess what Sean got me. He knows that I think he smells damn good and he got me the cologne he's using hahahahaha. I was told to open it on Christmas but I couldn't wait. Of course it's not for me to wear since it's for guys. It's just for me to spray around haha.

I am really so happy that I got closer to Ming, Porky and Aaron this sem. And recently Sean whom I've been spending time with quite a bit ever since he wished me on my birthday. They are so nice to me and they really take care of me so damn well I think I feel like crying again :'( I never thought that we would hang out together because I thought we were just quite different and that we would only meet when I go for gatherings with T. But I was wrong and I'm glad.

This holiday can't get any better. I'm having so much fun almost everyday it's crazy. My brain is shrinking because I keep drinking. And I do a lot of stupid things that I cannot rmb when I'm drunk. But I'm happy. ^^

(Did I mention that I lost my i/c, ez link card, SIM card and more than 100 bucks at zouk?)

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