Thursday, December 13, 2012


I spent my past 2 birthdays studying for my finals. This year, my last paper was just a day before my birthday, so I really didn't know what to do and I had nothing planned, despite it being my 21st. But my loveliest girls surprised me. I WISH EVERYDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Hahaha.

Not many pictures because I only have the ones in my phone right now.

Rupini cooked beehoon and chicken wings! They were so, damn, good. When I was eating my plate of beehoon, I realised she added eggs because I chanced upon a little piece and I loved it. So after finishing my plate, armed with my trusty fork, I pick out the eggs piece by piece and finished them all right from the tray hahahaha. This is one of the things that I can only do with them and not with others, because only they wouldn't mind, and only they would forgive me, instead of thinking I'm some ill-mannered brat hahaha. They had beehoon without eggs. Hahahahahahaha whooooops sorry it was my birthday!!!

I can't rmb who made these! Sarahj made potato salad. Narm made some minced chicken+cheese+mint dip (she said she didn't even know what she was doing) which really looked like someone's vomit (HAHA) but tasted good as well hehe. ^_^

Adlin baked s'mores cupcakes with marshmallow frosting and Hello Kitty bow! So cute!!! And omg were they ~heavenly~. Anything that Adlin bakes is awesome.

THIS, looks as if my pubic hair was sticking out BUT it's THE THREAD from my shorts. Hahahahaha. I was trying to tell them that I wore safety shorts under my dress.

I refused to open my present. They were all frustrated. Hahaha.

More pictures soon.

Thank you for spending my birthday with me! Even though we had to shift from place to place it really didn't matter! When it was approaching 12am, all of us were still split into 2 different cars making our way to Suria's hall. The people in the other car called someone from the car I was in, and all of them shouted happy birthday together haha aww so sweet. I wish everyday was my birthday hahahahaha.

Abrupt ending. I can't sleep. But anyway very excited for the next few days. :D

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