Friday, October 19, 2012

This must be some kind of joke. Just when I need to study for my upcoming test I just HAVE to fall sick. I can sneeze more than 10 times in one minute. And I hate, hate, hate sneezing in public because I can't stop it and I think my pre-sneeze face freaks people out. I am having a terrible headache. I need to sleep now. I want to cry. :'(


Anonymous said...

Argh! I typed out smth for you on your formspring and idk if you received it :'( okay now i realise i would be a complete loser if you did receive it and you're reading both that and the comment now omg.. but i just wanted to say that i feel the earnestness of your relationship. Dont ever feel youre not good enough you're amazing:) i know how it feels to be judged superficially and feeling like you're just not hot enough for this world. These thoughts are normal, but gotta push em aside once in awhile because remember this YOU'RE GORGEOUS!!!! Get well soon luv :3333

Kathleen said...

Hello! Haha nope I didn't receive it. Thanks for taking the time to leave another comment here just so I can see it. I really appreciate your kind words :')