Sunday, October 28, 2012


Halloween horror night @ USS on Thursday!

DIY bloody nails!

Tequila shots, 3 for $10. It was really bad without a slice of lemon.

We didn't get the express pass, and only managed to get into 2 haunted houses and a cylon ride. Dungeon of Damnation was really scary wtf. Nish fell and when she was crawling back up from the floor I thought she was the ghost. I was completely horrified. I forgot to ask if she fell back again because of me. I hope she didn't. I didn't realise it was her until the rest went "IT'S NISH IT'S NISH!!" Hahaha apparently I kept pushing Nat to the corner. I actually don't even know who I was grabbing or holding onto. I really just needed to be physically in contact with a human so I feel safer. Cylon was sooooo good. Better than I remembered.

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