Thursday, September 27, 2012


"One day I’ll unlearn all this,
like I did with the Spanish language,
how to conjugate and certain math equations.
Like the geography of other countries I once thought
I might explore,
and bits and pieces of how the scientific formula goes.
Like the history we’re bound to repeat
regardless of how well our skin knows it or not,
and how to spike a volleyball correctly over the net.
I will unlearn all of you,
the same way I did of these,
the longer I go without the conversations
between your hands and mine,
measuring the angles of your curves I often found
myself sinking easily into,
and planting kisses like flags on parts of you
I wanted to claim.
The longer I go without the chemical reaction
of your feet atop mine on a cold, cold night,
or the physical exertion of constantly making
a permanent amount of wrinkles in the sheets,
and knowing you like to wake up with the comfort of
my arm over your arm
over my stomach —
I will unlearn it all;
although not all at once, and not very soon,
but when I do, I will try to remember
I loved you like a subject I used to know very well,
but have no need to hold onto


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