Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello, September

Photo on 1-9-12 at 9.43 PM #3 Photo on 1-9-12 at 9.48 PM #2 Photo on 1-9-12 at 9.56 PMIMG_2024IMG_2025
QL and I had aglio olio in school. It was too spicy.

I was sick, so Edlyn gave me a love kit! Haha thank you! ^^ / A novel which I have yet to start on.

IMG_2015 Je suis fatiguée! :( Eyes-are-gonna-close-but-I-try-to-look-okay face.

This week has been horrible and I am at a loss. Sigh.

I am 6 days late, but Hello September, I welcome you with open arms.

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