Monday, September 24, 2012


Before I sleep, say hi to my new phone cover! So pretty I love it! ^__^ IMG_2567 IMG_2524IMG_2556

I ate so much junk food over the weekend it's crazy. I don't know if I was trying to compensate for my sudden loss of interest in school food or if I was just feeding my feelings. I guess it's not that bad knowing that I have been running quite frequently these days. When you tell people that you have been running, most of them (esp girls) naturally think that you're trying to lose weight. And I find it extremely annoying when they go, "Huh so skinny still run!" It's like they don't want you to look "better" than them... Come on??? -___-

1. I am not skinny, but neither do I think I am fat. I think I look healthy enough and it is completely not my aim to be skinny.
2. I don't run to be skinny. I don't run with the sole purpose of losing weight. Some people exercise because they want to look good. And looking good does not necessarily mean being stick thin. What kind of twisted thinking is that. I exercise so I look sexy as fuck naked I can eat whatever I want without having to enter the door sideways some day.
3. Really, I will do anything to procrastinate my work without feeling like I'm wasting my time. And running is the only option I have.

Another thing that annoys me is how girls like to complain about how "fat" they are when they actually aren't. Unless you have BDD, please stop it.

I sound like an angry bitch. Ok goodnight.

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