Monday, September 10, 2012

Hahahahaha sooo cute ^__^ He was trying to imitate my cheerleader smile.

Two weeks have passed. Even though this isn't the first time, it is definitely still difficult for me to cope, and I'm not exactly doing a good job at maintaining a long-distance relationship. Time is passing excruciatingly slowly. Misunderstandings and fights are inevitable. Insecurities continue to get the better of me. I am still learning, still trying everyday. Everything works both ways, and everything takes two committed hearts working towards one direction. And I'm so glad you are willing to do it with me, even though the course doesn't run smooth.

It had been a rough week. And all it took was just one FaceTime for you to turn it right around. Looking at your happy face as we talked made me feel as though the 9000 geographical miles between us vanished in an instant. You may be annoyingly forgetful at times, but you always remember how to make me smile.

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