Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bangkok Part II

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He bought his camera but never used it. Not even once. I wound up being the one taking all the pictures with my iPhone because it was just so much more convenient than having to switch the camera on/off. But the problem with being the photographer is that you're never in the pictures. Sobbbb. Ended up with pathetic self shots that captured mostly my head and nothing else. -__-

Banana + cashew + chocolate crepe.

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Very yummy wanton mee and pork rice made my tummy very happy.

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Some beef thing @ Chatuchak (yes we went there twice) which tasted really good but sooo oily!

One of the most memorable parts of the trip:

It started pouring before we had the chance to leave. We waited for a while in hope of lighter rain but it just got heavier and heavier. Wanted to buy an umbrella but I think it was at the other side. Since time was precious, we decided to brave the rain with a plastic bag each. T made me put on his newly bought tie dye shirt over my tank top because he didn't want me to catch a cold. I twisted my hair into a bun and wore a perfectly fitted green plastic bag on my head. Yeah I didn't just cover my head, I literally WORE it, with my ears sticking out of the handles (if you can visualize it). It was such a sight, because I looked like a ridiculous fool trying to run like that in the rain, and also trying not to laugh too hard at myself because I caught my own reflection on a car window. Hilarious and SOOO FUNNN!! I regretted not taking a picture. Because our phones were buried deep in his backpack and we were too lazy to dig them out. :(

Suckling pig for dinner with Irwin and his family!

Fried insects for sale! The lady will charge you 10baht (~S$0.40) if you wanna take a picture. I took it secretly. ^^v Would you kindly look at the size of that shit. I don't even dare to hold it, so why would I wanna put it in my mouth...

Grasshoppers!!! Ew :O

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He ate it! :O :O :O I refused to try.

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We took a shuttle ferry to Asiatique! It'a a relative new place, and of course things are also sold at a higher price.


I miss Bangkok. What I really miss the most is walking all day with T in a foreign city, getting all touristy and excited over the littlest things, being child-like and oblivious to what strangers may think of us. Without a single care in the world.

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