Monday, July 23, 2012

Wednesday night:

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Last week @ 1-Altitude:
IMG_0544 IMG_0538 IMG_0539

Can't remember when: watched him play L4D2 with his brother and friends. I never realised how pointless that game was. You are revived every time you die, so ultimately your death is meaningless and transient. Where's the fun in that? Then again, it would be kind of annoying if you just keep dying without being able to complete the mission. 
IMG_0676 IMG_0664IMG_0671
Tiong Bahru market for dinner! I love it when he poses for me.

I think I am willing to eat almost anything when I'm with T. I am suddenly less picky about food. I started to eat more pork. I do consume pork but I never really liked it. I tried pig intestines for the first time in my life, because he forced me to. It was horrible. :( I tried pig skin too. I don't even know if that was pig skin. It just looked brown and thick, and it was also horrible. :( I also tried shark nuggets. He was planning to make me eat escargot, but we never had the chance to. What a relief. He said he is gonna make me try the insects when we are in Bangkok. I am worried.

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