Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"I did not like to be touched, but it was a strange dislike. I did not like to be touched because I craved it too much. I wanted to be held very tight so I would not break." 

― Marya Hornbacher, Wasted

Broccoli and cheese baked potato

Wild Honey

Sticky Rock Mix

IMG_3794 IMG_3793
Movie last night at 2am heh. Talking, knowing, laughing. I never felt this happy in a really long time.

Last week was such a good week. Was at Velvet/Phuture on Wednesday and Friday. Couldn't escape the  wrath of Blue Spin. But that's probably cus I took Long Island and some other shots before. I was asking for it. Told Jason "I WANT A VERY VERY VERY STRONG DRINK" because I was already so bloated from my Ramen dinner and I didn't want anything else to take up unnecessary space in my stomach. I don't know how I started crying out of a sudden, how freaking embarrassing to be crying on Jason's shoulder. I wasn't even sad. -.- Two weeks ago when I was at Butter I was so intoxicated that I couldn't remember what my first tattoo says when asked. Not cool. Need to stop being a mess like that.

If you don't know there's an alternative, you can't miss it.

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