Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wind up

1. Fish face. Tweety bird face. Whichever. No duck face.
2. Maxwell chicken rice before work.

1. Bored and cold, working at Rewind.
2. China Glaze in Shocking Pink

I have always had insecurities. I am trying my best here to not over think, to not make a ridiculous fuss out of something trivial, to stop worrying and getting all paranoid. I am trying my best to put whatever I have heard and whatever happened in the past behind and not use it to somehow predict what could happen in the future. I am trying my best because I want to place my trust in him and I want this trust to be unquestionable. And not any anonymous on my formspring is going to stop me from getting there. If there is any urgent need for me to know anything then tell it to me non-anonymously. Otherwise, I hear it from him, not anyone else that I can't put a face to.

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