Monday, April 2, 2012

Just woke up from my nap with my bloody swollen eyes. :( 

Reached home. Broke down. Cried my heart out. Reread the vday letter you sent me. Reread our whatsapp convo. Thought of the times we had together before you left for UB. Listened to Back To December and thought of how it has always reminded me of you. Thought of this. Thought of us. Maybe I've always been a fallback, the one that never leaves. A lot of rethinking. It finally dawned upon me. And I made the most important realization, that should have already made me turn and run. Yet I am rooted to the ground. And I can't think of any explanation except for love.

Wish you were more sensitive with your words. Wish you were here. Wish I could see you right now.

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