Thursday, April 12, 2012


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Cherry drew Hitler + all of us! Haha how cute.

x Just two more weeks to go. I don't even feel like studying anymore. I can't wait to party hard.

x I'm falling sick. I can feel a sore throat coming. :(

x On the public transport I like to look at random commuters and guess what their favorite colors are by looking at what they're carrying/wearing.

x "Fingertips like shooting stars, soaring along the milky way that is your spine, circling rings like Saturn."

x My craving for sushi is back.

x Two nights ago I thought about the Wason four-card problem. Yesterday I thought a little about unconditional love and stupidity because someone pointed that out on FS. Also, the social exchange theory (which brings out that little bit of misanthropy in me, and which shed some light on what I have always been trying to figure out) has always been on my mind. Times like this I wish I could talk to somebody insightful and perceptive. Somebody that could challenge my beliefs and be challenged by me. Somebody that makes me doubt the validity of my own argument and whose reasons I could question. Wouldn't it be nice? We would never run out of topics. Mindless chatter would be so passé. Intimacy at a whole new level.

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