Friday, March 2, 2012

"I'm busy"


"I'm busy". When we first hear it, we believe it. "It's okay," we would reply. We accept it, we try to understand it, we empathize with it. After all, there's always a next time, right? Disappointed, but "it's okay".

One day. Then one week. Then two weeks. Then three weeks. Then a month. It sounds almost defeating. One month? One month. Four weeks. 30 days. And it's okay? It's not okay.

I do not deny that "I'm busy" holds some truth. We are busy. We have lessons to attend, deadlines to meet, assignments to submit, and materials to revise. Daylights are usually too short that we even have to burn the midnight oil. We have our own errands to run, sleep debts to clear. Time is never enough. Indeed, we are busy. But "I'm busy" only goes this far. It comes to a certain point when it is no longer a reason, but an excuse.

Haven't you heard? If there's a will, there's definitely a way. It is not all about priorities, but how we make our way around them. It is not about having "no time", but making time. It is not about using our schedules as a reason. It is ultimately about choice. Because if we really miss somebody, if we really want to see someone and if we want to have a proper verbal communication with this person, even when (and especially if) he/she is on the other side of the world, we will make it happen. Otherwise, "I'm busy" is just an excuse. A very convenient excuse.

When you think about it, how busy can we get, really? How busy can we get, that we are able to spend an entire night at a party or a weekend out, but not an hour to see and talk to someone that supposedly matters? How busy can we get, that we can't even afford a mere 15-minute out of our 24 hours for this person? 10 minutes, at the very least?

I'm not asking for 5 hours of your attention. I'm not asking for 2 hours of nonstop chatter. I'm not asking to see you in a screen every, single, day. All I want is at least 10 minutes out of a week. 10 minutes out of 7 days, out of 168 hours. 10 out of 10080 minutes, which is not even 1% of your time. To see you.

But no. You're busy. And when "busy" is used repeatedly, it sounds like a summarized version of, "I just don't miss you enough to spare even a few minutes of my time to Skype you."

And what else does the ache in my heart have to say. What else but "it's okay".