Monday, November 7, 2011

Time is money.

x Victor's Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza with Nat! The egg lava yolk bun was soooo good. These were not all that we ate though.

x Caught the movie In Time. In this movie, time IS literally money. And it made me think quite a bit. This is the way everything works: you win some and you lose some. Or to put it more accurately: when you win, somebody else loses. When you have such abundance, you eventually become sated or surfeited with pleasure. You wind up rather blasé about the hedonistic way of life, and if there's nothing for you to fight for, nothing's actually worth anything. If there's one thing I don't understand about the film, it's this: If what goes around comes around, if there exists this circulating system of giving and taking, winning and losing, what actually happens to the time lost? The interminable loss of time, second by second, until there's no more time left and you die? If time is currency, why is it simply lost? On a side note, I love Olivia Wilde's piercing eyes.

x Novelty attracts attention, and we are compelled to attend to anything that is novel.

x Hunter remembers meeeee awww he jumped onto my lap hehe qtpi ♥

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