Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yesterday when I was on the bus back home from school, it was the usual: ears plugged with my favourite songs, fighting the urge to break into a dance, appearing as if I was gazing into something but I was really just staring into space, unaware of my surroundings.

I was sitting right next to the exit. In front of me was a piece of glass, upon which I could see the reflection of myself, as well as the passengers behind me. I looked, and that was when I realised that on every public transport that I take alone, I trap myself in a bubble. That bubble is full of mirrors – so all I see is myself.

Sometimes when I’m on the bus, I don’t necessarily want to talk to people. I don’t even wanna do anything at all, but just swim in the music that saves me. After all we have 1000 songs in our pockets. It is an uplifting rush – the build-ups and breakdowns of trance music. It is escapism – even if it lasts for a mere 10 minutes. Almost completely oblivious to the things that are going on around me, unless I make the conscious effort to look. It is different with earphones off. I still hear without even trying to. I am aware.

It is so isolating that even my thoughts can’t reach me. I become so oblivious and so self-absorbed that I have no opinion about anything because I notice nothing. Is this not a problem?

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