Thursday, August 25, 2011


HELIX PIERCED with Theresa at Heeren!!! Both of us chose the same plain simple silver stud without the bling but the piercer gave us the one in baby blue instead! >:( The thing is we were so excited that we were completely oblivious to the mistake until after, what, 10 minutes?? Anyway what's done is done, and at least it isn't a very conspicuous colour like red/purple. Really hope it won't give me problems like how my naval piercing did!

Waiting for inspiration to hit me for my next ink!!! Probably another line from another poem, or a meaningful word. Additionally, I wanna get a tattoo of my mum's signature! A place for her on my skin, other than the one in my heart. It also means that I'm gonna tell her about my first tattoo which was done in Feb this year! I don't think she will make a big fuss out of it, so that's not a problem.

Y'know what's annoying? Having to choose an ideal area while keeping job prospects in mind. Mutually exclusive.

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