Friday, June 17, 2011

Pencil for my thoughts

Look what I foundddddd~

HAHA wearing my mum's lipstick and looking retarded with the hair.


Yesterday I took a 2-hour nap in the evening and dreamt of an earthquake with a magnitude of 18 (is it even possible?). I was at home with Nurin (haha) and my family when we felt tremors and I went to hide under my dining table. My flat broke into half (I could actually hear it cracking) and when it was falling in slow motion (think falling tree) I passed a table to my mum so she could shield herself. I think I must be quite strong in my dream. So anyway I honestly thought all of us were gonna be crushed and killed. I was so terrified and that was when I woke up - still shaken. :'(

Today I took another nap in the afternoon and dreamt that my grandmother was packing her luggage because she was intending to go Europe to look for a place for all of us to stay. Sounds good right? But in my dream I suddenly had a baby brother, no grandfather, and no parents. :'(

Recently I also dreamt that one of my family members committed suicide. :'(

I always wake up discomposed, disturbed, terror-stricken. I know they are dreams after all but they always feel so real, and always occur when I'm taking my naps. :( :( :(

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