Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never lean on what will bend.

Supposed to catch Something Borrowed last night, but I think we booked the tickets wrongly, booked the ones for the show on the previous day. We didn't realise it at all, and the people in our row kept asking us to show our tickets because they were short of seats. We insisted that we were right, until someone from the management came to check and realised ours were of the wrong day. And it was actually at the same time in the same room! So... we got chased out hahahahaha.

Nic's friend's birthday, so we got signed into Filter!

I brought home a litecube!

Frog leg porridge at Geylang. Which I refused to eat despite being told many times that it tastes like chicken, because I kind of witnessed the whole skinning process and all when I was in primary school. :(

My lunch for today! ^^

As long as you stop wanting something, you get it.

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