Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A rapturous delight and a torturous affliction. Freedom and enthrallment.

When we love someone, their physical attributes cease to matter. We begin to bask in their essence, recognise their scent, and remember the way they hold their pens. We see only the quintessence of the person, and we see beyond the skin.

Sometimes love wrestles you to the ground; at other times, it helps you weather all storms. Sometimes it is unrequited, and at other times it is incomplete. It is irrational and liberating at the same time. It is powerful, flawed, and imperfect.

It is cliché. It is overused. It is easily devalued. It is illogical. It is sometimes too abrupt, and sometimes too bold. But it is amazing how despite everything, love is the only thing that keeps us going.

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