Friday, June 10, 2011

Love II

Your love for me was about intimacy. Your love for me was expressive. It did not stay still, nor did it stay silent. It was a vehement desire, intense and passionate.

We were lying on the grass side by side, staring into the vast blue sky. You told me that you loved me. How much, I asked, "Is the sky the limit?" You said the sky was beyond reach.

My love for you was, on the other hand, inaudible and faint. It was hard to hear, and sometimes it was so quiet you wouldn't even know it's there. But it didn't mean my love for you was any less profound. My love for you knew no fading of hope, and no boundary to trust. It was enduring, the only thing that stood when everything else had fallen. Some go through their days parched and desolate, with a thirst for happiness. But with you, I was in a river of opulence.

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Anonymous said...

I love this. (and i feel like i was meant to read this at this very moment) -cheryllwin