Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bumble bee

Pictures from Nurin's camera:



Survived last afternoon + night with 2 cans!

x First test for psy324 is done! Put in so much effort for it, sighhh, it'd better not go to waste. I've fallen sick. Need a good rest. Have been thinking about so many things but I don't have the time to pen them down. Have been so busy. Not complaining though. Sometimes I feel so motivated and excited when there's so much to study. Keeps me occupied, and I am studying something that I have an interest in. It's a privilege, isn't it?

x Ok so I sound so incoherent now sighhhhh runny nose, sneezing like mad, headache, eyes are stinging and tearing. :(

x Good news: Research Paper from last sem was returned to us today! So pleased with it hehe. It was worth all my time and effort.

x On msn, Sunm left me an offline message saying that she has a friend called Human (real name). Sunm said if I ever meet him and when he introduces himself "Hi, I'm human.", I should say "Ya, me too." Hahahahahaah.

x On whatsapp:

CQL: I got 210000 electronic pounds per week. Tomorrow I treat you all eat electronic food.
Cherry: Yummm we'll all grab a byte.


Gonna end off with a picture of my psy324 lecturer hehe. He sat with us for lunch one day and Ben showed him magic tricks. I think he was quite impressed! ^^

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