Thursday, June 23, 2011


Canoeing. Passion. Pride. Satisfaction. Determination. Team. 110%. I don't even have words to describe it. Every time I come across canoe related things I feel a stab of nostalgia. And I've always wondered how I'd be right now, if I had chosen to join the SIM team.

2 years of caneoing in sajc were the fittest and most memorable years of my life. Accomplished and achieved so many things I never thought I could, physically and mentally. 20km, k4, my 12th in cross country (crazily trying to pace with the soccer girls), 2.4km, countless of sit ups, pull ups, push ups and whatnot. Back then it was row, eat, sleep, and repeat. Besides school (which was supposed to be my priority but it wasn't), it was just training after training. School mates always said we had "no life" but they couldn't be more wrong because canoeing was the life we chose, the sport we loved, and the passion we ignited.

"This, I remember thinking, the only word I could hold on to in a sea of feelings."